The new denim brand jeans of hollywood celebrities...

Who's Celebrities Wearing Antik Denim Jeans?..The new denim brand jeans of hollywood celebrities...The Antik Vintage collection, a new line in fashion clothing collection, designed to have a military style appeal, using lots of zippers. Antik Blackout is made almost entirely of black denim. Still featuring the Antik Denim signature look, the Blackout collection’s pockets are simpler than the original but no less flamboyant.

Misha Barton

Lindsay Lohan

Antik Denim men’s, women’s and children’s lines include pants, skirts and tops made primarily from denim, although there are t-shirts, belts and boots. Whether they are made of denim or not, the company’s bold designs are one of a kind and appeal to a wide cross section of people.

Jennifer Lopez

Antik Denim clothing is available online store, The online store always has a different luxury clothing brand on sale . Each male and female style has a gender specific name such as Micha Barton, Linsa y Lohan, Paris Hilton. Jennifer Lopez and Ashlee Simpson for females, and Clint, Bronson and Mc Queen for the male line.