Antik Denim By Blue Holdings

As we all know Antik Denim is own by the owned and operated by two Frances denim elite, Alexandre Caugant and Philippe Naouri one of the experts in the fashion industry. They become known my the whole world. But in Los Angeles-based Antik Denim is a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Holdings Incorporated, formed in 2004.Antik Denim is a favorite among style-conscious men and woman. The brand offers a complete wardrobe in addition to jeans, including vintage-styled T-shirts, bags, and belts. And now available in shoes...
Antik Denim is also

The fanciest pants in the fashion universe, Antik is undoubtedly the most recognizable jeans with its ostentatious appliques, roped whipstitching, and Western-inspired designs.

+ Color - Wash Denim

+ Relax Western Fi t

+ Detailed Stitching

+ 100% Cotton Denim

+ Made in USA