Celebrity Inside Marc Jacob's Bag

Let us see who's celebrity inside the huge Marc Jacobs bag...

Oh! it's Victoria Beckham - the Mr. Blackwell's worst dressed of the year and all you can see is Posh's Legs.

Has been signed as the new face of Marc Jacobs, being tipped to model the high-profile designer's Spring 2008 collection, Victoria got into a bag for the new ad campaign that has just been launched.

The new ad campaign, features Posh Spice's legs in a pair of Marc Jacobs' reverse heels in black and purple, was shot by Juergen Teller.

See Posh Victoria in a bag after this news.

Considered as a fashion icon, Victoria herself is a fan of famous designers' creation. She's been snapped wearing a Marc Jacobs' creation to the pink carpet of the recent Victoria Secret fashion show..(source).


Anne said...

victoria is one of the famous endorser of MJ hmmmm oh well just wondering why,...

Unknown said...

Whoa.. Victoria Beckham fit on that Bag?

Aside from Marc Jacobs. Victoria promotes
Prada Handbag