Giorgio Armani's Megastore in Japan

The one of the luxury brands in fashion of clothing placed a huge store in Japan. The Armani's new Tokyo megastore is one of the tallest retail outlet in the neighborhood of Japan.

This week the designer Armani open his latest store. The megastore sized a 65,000 square foot, with an 12 story building costing $20 million and considered the tallest in Ginza. With his new store he also included the Giorgo Armani and Emperio Armani clothing and accessories collection for men and women... The maegastore included also the first Armani Casa store in Tokyo, the world's first Armani Spa, an Italian restaurant and Prive bar.

The store was designed by Armani and architects Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas. The motif was a bamboo in the first three floors of the building gilt metal frame and is the main motif throughout the store, whether in a gold metal mesh shaping the seats in the restaurant or in the gilt metal and transparent Plexiglas display units on the walls, finished with frosted glass.