Antik Denim Clothing Collection

Antik Denim is one of the newest premium denim jeans in town. It is one of the hard core dream jeans today. It is known for it's unique bold, hand embroidered pockets and creative western flair.

It is owned and operated by two Frances denim elite, Alexandre Caugant and Philippe Naouri one of the experts in the fashion industry. Antik Denim is become a brand as they travel the world, ambition and professional experience combined with inspiration from vintage film, fashion and furniture and music. The fabrics used to make the Antik Denim was imported from Japan and Italy to maintain the quality of the each item. The collection was fall back on the designs of the Old West featuring the cute and styling of the early to mid-1890s.

There's a Antik Blackout and Antik Vintage collections, that has a little something different to each other. Antik Denim is has a design for mens, women and children lines including pants, skirts and tops made primarily from denim, there's also t-shirt, belts and boots.

The brand is currently in all the range among celebrities and many in Hollywood like Eva Longoria, Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Sharon Stone, Mena Suvari, Bai Ling, Hillary Duff, Vince Vaughn and Johnny Depp. Prices for Antik Denim range from $300.00 dollars upward to $450.0. Antik Denim is also available in lowest price at fine retailers online at