Tobe - 2008 Top 5 Fashion Trends

Every year we're thinking for the new and hot trends for the upcoming year. The fashion and retailer Tobe - one of the industry’s most closely-watched forecasts released the result of 2008 Top 5 Fashion Trends.

  1. Scarf – Leave of the latest trends in handbags, shoes and other small accessories because the colorful , printed or simply jersey scarves are the next must have accessory in 2008. Lindsay Lohan wearing pink scarf.

  2. Sneakers – Nike and Adidas have been making hip kicks for years, but mainstream fashion brands from Lacoste to Michael Kors are now selling sneakers as casual footwear - and trying to claim a share of the $15 billion market.

    Fergie wearing Adidas sneakers
  3. See-through Dress – Naked looks are already big trend in 2008.Raincoats, shirts, and blouses made from sheer fabrics such as organza, chiffon and georgette are expected to be a big look for spring. Designers such as Jil Sander, Marc Jacobs and Narciso Rodriguez led the way, but keep an eye out for these so-called "weight watcher" fabrics at trendy stores like H&M and Zara.

    1. Uma Thurman attended the swanky Swarovski Fashion Rocks in a see-through Valentino dress.

    2. Paris Hilton was dining out at KOI RESTAURANT on LA CIENEGA BLVD. in LOS ANGELES
  4. Industrial fabrics - High-tech fabrics, such as those with anti-microbial or rubberized properties, are increasingly finding their way onto the runways. Burberry is selling a trench coat made from rubberized materials originally developed for scuba diving. Two hundred dollar T-shirts by a company called Established 1887 are embedded with silver chips that have antimicrobial properties to repel stains and odors. As an added benefit, these fabrics are harder to knock off and so help clothes designers differentiate their stlye from a sea of imitation. Look for more classic, less faddish incarnations of the industrial fabrcis in your wardrobe too, such as a rubberised trench coat from Burberry.

  5. Tomorrow's hangouts - Up and coming retailers are adding lounges, nail salons and bookshops to their stores in the hopes of luring customers and getting them to stay longer.
    Metropark, a City of Industry, Calif.-based chain with 18 stores nationwide, aims to be part club part street boutique. DJs spin records at its stores, which sell hip fashions, off-beat art work and music. SoHo boutique Lounge also has a DJ booth as well as a spa. Deegie's Carma, the brainchild of a former Nordstrom executive, is set to open its first store in Kansas City in March. In addition to racks of trendy, teen worthy clothing, there will be a lounge as well as a hair and nail salon.

Metro Park