Fashion Design in 2008

Petites women should avoid solid clothes and strong impressions. In place goes for forms remained and narrow, smooth fabrics the belts the subtle contrasts of the color and the texture. Maintain all aerodynamic by cut not the body in the half.

The women should carry the gaudy skirts (shorter if you are comfortable) and the pants, the impressions and the strong fashion design colors or the textures draw the eye far from the first half of the body. Carrying a single block of the related color. Avoid the gaudy tops, in place the use long jackets that draw the eye downward. Darker it colored the tops that are to remain and limp waist that embraces.

The pear formed women should worship the vertical lines, the V-NECKS and the skirts with up the openings the side. Straight of skirts of A-LINEA to barely under the knee. Dark tight and the shoes with the color or the guideline in a blouse or the top, the tops should hang past the hips. The classical courts in the top in lighter colors they draw the eye far from the hips. The accent the V-NECK with a V or AND- formed necklace.

1 – Its form about the body Knows

The high women should avoid tight clothes. Carry the correct length of the skirt, too short or too long will be disproportionate. Just like with petites women maintains all aerodynamic, blouses of use on pants by shorten not its first half.

The rectangular women should carry the guideline. The female sweaters you woven on skirts are great. Carry a round neckline and reflects it with a necklace or round scarf.

2 – They Dressed to agree its personality

Rock the chick – accessorize and collision a small one but maintains the female.

The urban elegance – takes fashion design advantage of the marvelous high fashion of the street, dazing but simple.

Sports – it Confines fashionable coincidental clothes.

With ficklenesses of artistic – Taking the fashion and to add contemporaries a starter of its own personality to things of up the spice.

Attractive – delicious, curvy, and Sensual fabrics. A splash of the color and sniffs.

The reactionary elegance – Great accessory, and an I explode for those classic, all looks of time.

Romantic – the Classical courts, doing custom-made and the smooth colors, the lace, the embroidered and the pearls.

3 – The correct accessories can do all the difference

-V and AND formed necklaces draw the eye downward

- RoundNecklaces fill the neckline

-Pending long Right-wing they extend the neck

-A long one, the belt that drags extends the legs

-The correct hat can do a team

-The rings of Cocktail add the diversion and the color and a little sparkles to a coincidental team

-The Scarves can be with fashion design ficklenesses of artistic

-AN even assembly of jewelry store can bring a together team

The contact lenses of the fashion can be the majority of the underestimated fashionable accessory. Be male or female teams and coordinating, the correct shoes, and the clock or the perfect jewels are they should have articles for the work and the play. It colored lenses of contact lenses and fashion, nevertheless, can be utilized also to complete the perfect team, a disguise, or barely exposition of an extraordinary personality.

4 – It Awakes to do

-It Does its eyes sparkle with a contrasting eyeshadow

- The eye emphasizing for the half of the coveris Opened

-It Utilizes black for a look dramatics

-It Utilizes gray for full eyes of smoke with a lipstick delicate rose

-It Chooses a red lipstick for a classical look but chooses an end to its own natural color for the precision.

-Upon creating brave eyes, they maintain paler lips. Upon choosing red lipstick does paler eyes.

-It Utilizes the palettes of the color they did for the manufactures instead of matching its own tones of eyes shadow. Mix the colors well.

5 – A market for the life

-For the daywear a good market fashion design calibrated of leather in a classical cut of the style. This season gives a lot of election to color as and the texture.

-In the afternoon carries the market of clutch returns or goes alternative for a bag of bandit with a strap of chain.

6 – It Maintains all in the proportion

-petites people extend to itself with a thin cut

-For thin hips carries directly the pants/skirts of leg, they avoid ankles exploded.

-for curvy hips balances was them with a skirt of A-LINEA, not a cut of tendency

-to hide hips carry pants exploded and a classical cut surpasses

-it carries a blouse with a short skirt

-it carries a trims sweater with a long skirt

-heels always make thin

-it carries the right jacket, the length and the lump are important here

7 – You Saw for the season

-in the spring/the summer carries the bronzer and shining does

-for the spring/the summer use to descend cut and smooth fabrics in brilliant colors

-in the autumn/it kills of winter does with slightly more dark tones

-for the autumn/the use of winter the natural colors and natural fabrics, the articles of point, the leather, the cotton, linen

8 – Does Not it mix the styles

-is less more

-There are many tendencies that this season does not carry the brave colors, the animal and metallic impression and the reactionary charm suddenly.

-It Chooses a fashion design style by team and does not go for the gunwale, often some accessories will seem fabulous with a simple team.

9 – Entertains with subtle changes

-it has jewelry store that you can mix and to be able to match each day

-changes its farewell

-it carries a scarf as a belt

-it carries basic clothes in exceptional ways

-it utilizes a fashion design clasp in a tape as a chocker

-it carries a long necklace or a scarf as a bracelet

-it adds cabochon the accounts to an old market and utilizes it again

10 – All itself drop to the principles

-A good pair of cattlemen goes for the consolation, there are many styles that are fashionable this year. It is important to test them to him before you buy. If going for the thin cattlemen obtains elastics. If you have curvy hips they obtained for the low cattlemen of the cut of boot to show them far away. If you need a little more space for thighs and calves goes for a relaxed attack, or for the vagabond goes for the low waist, the low pockets and balances the things was with ankles exploded. This season goes for colors and dark textures. (more..)


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