2008 Top 12 Luxury Handbag Brand

The top 12 handbag brands ranked by familiarity among luxury consumers.

Handbags are among the accessories driving the fashion world today, and newcomers are diving into the market almost daily. . "There are so many names in the luxury handbag market today, which tells me that they have to work to stand out — the wealthier the consumers are, the more unique they want the bag to be," said Milton Pedraza, chief executive officer of the Luxury Institute in New York. The firm has released its "Handbag Brands 2008" report analyzing which of 26 brands consumers are most familiar with. From Coach to Herm├Ęs, the top 12 run the gamut in terms of price. "As far as status goes, this is probably one of the most important fashion categories — it's the one that really shows off who you are, no matter how you are dressed," said Pedraza.

The Luxury Institute of New York has compiled the list of 26 luxury handbags brands and the most recognizable by the consumer. The result shows here:

1: Coach - 76%

2: Louis Vuitton - 63%

3: Gucci - 61%

4: Dooney & Bourke - 56%

5: Prada - 54%

6: Kate Spade - 48%

7: Burberry - 47%

8: Fendi - 45%

9: Chanel - 45%

10: Ralph Lauren - 45%

11: Dolce & Gabbana - 37%

12: Hermes - 36%



Anne said...

i thought LV will get the spot...

Unknown said...

It only means that Louis Vitton handbags is more popular than Gucci...

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erica said...

I was shock when I saw the rankings, that the Couch got the highest rank and Louis Vuitton got only the second place which is I thought got the first place...