Artful Dodger owned by a Rap Star

Artful Dodger the Luxury Designer Clothing Brand was deal to buy by the rap star Jay-Z.

The clothing company was named after the 19th Century character Artful Dodger who led a group of cunning young men in mischief throughout the UK.

The luxury clothing brand of Artful Dodger was formerly owned by Sovereign state, LLC the Artful Dodger brand is primarily sold in UK.

Jay – Z completed the purchase together with his business partners Iconix Brand Group Inc. last Nov. 9, 2007 under the company named Scion.

"Artful Dodger is the perfect deal to launch Scion- a joint venture partners between the two parties, as they look for brands that have the potential to become lifestyle brands. The combination of Scott's design talent and the marketing strengths of Jay Z and Iconix will create exciting growth opportunities for the brand including distribution at high-end department stores and expansion into new product categories," Neil Cole, Chairman and CEO, Iconix, said also via statement.

In a statement, Carter says: "Artful Dodger is an incredible brand with a lot of room for growth and Scott Langton is a visionary designer.

"They represent what's next and new in fashion and we are glad to have both the brand and Scott as a part of our family."

Jay - Z

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