Britney Spears Can Stil Say "Gimme More"?..

After Britney Spears got into the unexpected trouble in her life. She's been trying to fixed all it from now...Here some list of some intrigue in her life..

1.Briney Spears make friends to Paris Hilton with the intrigue she's not wearing an undies and after a short time she decided not to be seen with Paris in public.. (more..)

2.She decided to cut her hair and get bald for rehab..

3.After breaking up with her ex Kevin she's still fighting for the custody hearing updates of her kids...(more..)

4.When her driving skills become worst.. no more driving with her kids after being spotted hitting the red light with her kids inside her car while with her phone..(more..)

ith all these.. she's still found a company with Michael Marchand...(more..)

6.And now the Louis Vuitton wins suit with Britney Spears..

7. But still her “Blackout” Album with the “Gimme More” was on the top of music charts...(source..)

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