YBL -Yasmin LeBon-Clothing Collection


Yasmin Le Bon, one of the world's original supermodels, married to Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon and mother of three, has not only put her name to British high street chain Wallis, but has designed and created an exclusive collection for them.

There's no denying that Wallis isn't renowned for cutting edge fashion and with a younger sister like Topshop always in the limelight it's hardly surprising they've fallen into the shadows in the last few years.

Until now, back with vengeance and a super heroine who goes by the name of Yasmin Le Bon leading the way, Wallis are sure to pick up more than a few fashion credentials this autumn.

Yasmin's collection of clothing and jewellery is a true reflection of herself as her inspiration derives from her Persian roots and her very own wardrobe. The collection is sexy yet demure and comprises of 20 versatile pieces that are classically timeless. Key pieces that really stand out are the cream silk tunic with a delicate purple floral design and matching silk necktie and a green one shoulder maxi dress that Yasmin has already been snapped wearing. Her creations are understated and luxuriously chic, and all polished off with ethnic and vintage inspired jewellery.

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